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Mamut Cargo comes with a Mamut Tank Bag.
You can find more information about spare parts and accessories compatible with this product in Accessories section.
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Mamut Cargo can carry massive loads on long and challenging trips with its dynamic design.
Mamut Cargo comes with 214 lt Tank bag.
Hardware: Φ16mm DKP Industrial Pipe
Weight: 7.6 kg
Load Capacity: 32 kg (Recommended for long trips)
Cargo Space: W: 53.0 cm | L: 81.0 cm | H: 29.0 cm
Wheel: 16" x 1.75"
Base Material: Aluminum Composite
Paint: Electrostatic Powder Coat (Black)
Package Content: Mamut Cargo Trailer
Mamut Tank Bag
Mamut Çeki Demiri (Connector)
Mamut Halat
Mamut Gergi
Mamut Bayrak (Flag) and Mamut Direk (Flag stick)
Installation Details
Installation steps for Mamut Çeki Demiri Connection:
Quick Release of your bicycle
Losen Quick Release/Wheel Nuts of your bicycle.
Remove Quick Release/Wheel Nuts of your bicycle.
Insert Quick Release/Wheel Nuts of your bicycle to Mamut Çeki Demiri (tow bar).
Attach Quick Relase/Wheel Nuts of your bicycle.
Fasten Quick Release/Wheel Nuts of your bicycle.
Tie Mamut Halat to your bicycle.
Attach Mamut Halat to Mamut Çeki Demiri (tow bar).
Intallation completed.
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