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Mamut Explorer comes with a Mamut Centro Bag.
You can find more information about spare parts and accessories compatible with this product in Accessories section.
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Explorer, provides a comfortable and pleasent riding experience with its dynamic design which easily adapts to rough and challenging road conditions.
Explorer Comes with a Centro bag which you can easily carry your shopping bags, sport, camping, hunting and various equipments.
Hardware: Φ16mm DKP Industrial Pipe
Weight: 6.7 kg
Load Capacity: 32 kg (Recommended for long trips)
Cargo Space: W: 41.5 cm | L: 70.0 cm | H: 45.0 cm
Wheel: 16" x 1.75"
Tow Bar: Compatible with Standart 26" - 28" Wheels
Base Material: Aluminum Composite
Paint: Electrostatic Powder Coating (Black)
Package Content: Mamut Explorer Trailer
Mamut Centro Bag
Mamut Maşa (Connector)
Mamut Quick Release or Mamut Somun (wheel nuts) - Optional
A Pair of Mamut Pin
Mamut Gergi
Mamut Bayrak (Flag) and Mamut Direk (Flag stick)
Installation Details
Installation steps for Quick Release connection:
Quick Release of your bicycle.
Loosen Quick Release of your bicycle.
Remove Quick Release of your bicycle.
Mamut Quick Release.
Insert Mamut Quick Release.
Attach Mamut Quick Release.
Fasten Mamut Quick Release.
Attach Mamut Trailer and insert Mamut Pin.
Installation completed.
Click photos to zoom.
Mamut Quick Release and Mamut Somun (wheel nuts)
Mamut Quick Release
Regardless of brand and model of your bicycle, if it is compatible with Quick Release connection,
You can install Mamut Trailers for 120-160 mm dropouts distance with Mamut Quick Release

A (Floating Length) 41 mm
B (Quick Release Length) 228 mm
You can make connection for 126 mm dropouts distance for minimum value of A and for 160 mm dropouts distance for maximum value of A.
Mamut Somun (Wheel Nuts)
In case your bicycle is not compatible with Quick Release, you can make connection of trailer using Mamut Somun.

Mamut Somun models and compatibilities:
Model Axle Diameter Thread Pitch Uyumluluk
3/8 x 24 3/8 (in) 24 (tpi) Single speed coaster brake hubs
3/8 x 26 3/8 (in) 26 (tpi) Shimano Nexus, English and Japanese solid axles
10 x 1 10 (mm) 1 (mm) ISO and Japanese solid axles
Units used in compatibility table:
in: Inch (1 inch = 2,54 cm = 25,4 mm)
mm: Millimeter (1 mm = 0,1 cm)
tpi: Threads per Inch

You can chose compatible connector for your bicycle using table above before ordering your Mamut Trailer.
However determining these values may require specialization.
 Please refer to your bicycle suppliers specifications for accurate information.
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