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About Us

About Us

Mamut Trailers is a Tasocak Group Brand.

Taşocak was established in 2004 with the aim of manufacturing solid fuel floor heating boilers, sheet metal parts and sheet metal molds. Taşocak's products range from electro-mechanical industry, automotive industry, mold making to the production of all kinds of machine apparatus related to sheet metal parts production. 

Taşocak has all the necessary machinery, qualified workforce and the most suitable production process to realize these productions. Since the day it was founded, Taşocak has continued to grow by investing in people and quality. Combining competitive prices with quality products, Taşocak is always aware that the continuation of the business is only possible with customer satisfaction.

Taşocak manufactures all kinds of parts made of sheet metal. Although Taşocak products appeal to every sector, hinges, sheet metal covers, panels, trolleys, carts, baskets, test boilers, chip carts, conveyor belts, pneumatic lifting platforms, hot water boilers, solid fuel floor heating boilers, heat exchangers, Cr-Xi tanks, drying ovens, and many special purpose machines used in the automotive, furniture, white goods, heating and electro-mechanical sectors are included in our production area.

Taşocak has aimed to establish a quality assurance management system and to ensure the continuity of the application with a system approach in order to meet customer demands as a diagnosis, to produce the product continuously in line with customer demands and in the desired specifications, and in 2008, these goals were achieved and TS EX ISO 9001: 2000 certificate was obtained.